A connoisseur of diversity, CORY FLETCHER is the kind of guy who orders his pizzas with the works and his burritos with the lot, understanding that a little bit of everything is exactly what makes the world go around. The same is said for his music, which is a exquisite blend of all things party, house, bass, and trap, infused in a cocktail and served neat. His selection isn’t pretentious or contrived, and that’s exactly what makes a Fletcher’s sets stand out; there’s no reason why something won’t work in the right setting, and it’s a joy to watch a DJ who actually understands this ethos.


         Welcome to DJ SKOOL, presented by Cory FLETCHER, an experienced DJ of nearly 10 years that specialises in most genres and formats this industry requires. This course is for Beginners just starting out, to the more experienced looking to improve their skills. Do not worry if you have no experience in music or performing, as this course will start at the most basic concepts, laying more techniques as you become more confident with your skills. The basic principles of a Disc Jockey can be taught in a couple of lessons, though I must stress that to become good or even great DJ, practice is a must as well as proper preparation.

          Sometimes you can't have a live DJ, but that is no excuse for bad music. FLETCHER MUSIC offer a wide number of services catering to the personalised music curation for Bars, Restaurants, Boutiques and Businesses. Playlists made to set moods, to relax and unwind, to wine and dine, or to start a party! All fully integrated into Spotify / Apple Music. We also offer Music Sets, DJ Mixes, and other curated sounds in MP3 / WAV format, ranging from 30 minutes to numerous hours in any genre. Make your business stand out, connect to your clients through an experience not just a product. We have affordable packages available that can be also be updated to keep all your music fresh and current. 

         FLETCHER MUSIC is committed to delivering only the best experience, paired with the perfect music for any mood, event or special occasion. We offer our services as a Music Director for your wedding, planning out each part of the day with music that will make you cry as the bride & groom walk in, music that sets the beautiful tone at the reception, and music that will make young & old dance the night away. FLETCHER MUSIC pride themselves on providing personally curated playlists for each weddings, ensuring nothing but an unforgettable night combined with your own Soundtrack to relive those memories. We also specialise in Themed Events, Corporate Events, Holidays Partiesand Work Functions.

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