Growing up still remains to be seen for Cory FLETCHER. As a child, he didn’t have any grand epiphanies, wasn’t hit by a bus and never fell into a well. What he did do is like music; he liked it a lot. Up until 17, he never really knew how his love for audio would transpire. That is, of course, until he heard for the first time, the delicate art of mixing at a local neighbourhood party, the unity multiple songs can do to each and every listener.

          Continuing his new found love through his university years lead to many outstanding early accomplishments including multiple performances at festivals such as Coachella, Stereosonic, and Big Day Out. Having traversed the international realm with his talents, he’s also popped up in venues such as NVR LND, Family Nightclub, Oxford Art Factory, Cloud Land, World Bar & more. This multicultural upbringing has made his music palatable to people from all works of life, and it’s become the main reason people keep asking him to come back.

         Having spent years wading through pools of DJ’s who mix the same music in the same clubs, Fletchers future revolves around progression and this Gold Coast native is out to prove that hard work pays off. Now in 2018, we will see Fletcher use his newly studied Diploma of Sound Production to good use, breaking into the production realm while also carrying his multiple residences, including Rattles Snake Motel / Komune as DJ; at Quiksilver Board Riders as their offical Sound Engineer; and touring vigorously showing Australia that their is more to a DJ than pressing play. It’s this determination that’s set to make Fletcher your new best friend! 


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